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East Central Europe 1910
East Central Europe - 1910

World War I
World War I 1914 to 1918

East Central Europe 1918 to 1923
East Central Europe - 1918 to 1923

Hungary Today
Hungary Today
With Previous Boundaries Overlaid

Maps above are reproduced from "Historical Atlas of East Central Europe", by Paul Robert Magocsi.
Copyright © 1993 by the University of Washington Press, Seattle, Washington, Publisher; and Paul Robert Magocsi.
All rights reserved. The maps are reproduced and used herein with the written permission of the publisher.
These maps may not be further reproduced, copied or transmitted without the prior express written permission of the publisher.
ISBN 0-8020-7789-7
To order a copy of the book, please visit the University of Washington Press web site at:


Banat Migration Map
Banat Migration Map

Village Map
A Plot of Molidorf Village
with a Magnifier

City Plot
A Plot of Molidorf Village
overlaid on a Google Map of the area today

Another map of Surrounding Villages

Towns and Villages Surrounding Molidorf

Map of the Benat
Another Map of the Banat Area

Map of Central Banat
Map of the Central Banat

Molidorf Driving Map
Road Map to Molidorf

Google Map of Molidorf
Live Google Map of Molidorf

Road to Molidorf
Molidorf Access Road


Heufeld Map
Heufeld Town Map

Mastort Map
Mastort/Massdorf Town Map

St Hubert
St Hubert, Charleville & Soltur Town Maps

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