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Institute for Research of Expelled Germans
A non-profit academic research organisation

Danube Swabian Resource
A website providing information and links for all of the Danube Swabian Areas

Banat Family Books
A website dedicated to providing information on all of the Familienbücher produced for the Banat region.

Landesverband der Donauschwaben, USA
The Danube Swabian Association of the USA

The Danube Swabian Cultural Foundation (DKS)
A private foundation that exclusively pursues charitable purposes through the promotion of scientific projects dealing with the Danube Swabians.

Luisa Owen reads Herta Müeller
Luisa Lang Owen, author of Casualty of War: A Childhood Remembered (TAMU Press, 2002), was nine years old when she was deported from her village home and sent to live in a concentration camp ─ a victim of the mid-'40s ethnic cleansing in Communist Romania and Yugoslavia.

Trace of an Accent by Frances Martin
The Story of my Grandparents’ Double Migration and an Exploration of the Personal, Social, and Historical Factors that Shaped their Journey

Heart Speaks Blog
True accounts of a woman's struggle to find her way in life from the earliest memories living in Yugoslavia
imprisoned in Post WW2 Ethnic Cleansing Concentration camps. Written by Bonnie Krueger.
Burden of Crime: On a Journey to Molidorf
Gordana Perunovic Fijat
"And the evil, it is true,
and certain:
the evil exists".
(J. R.R. Tolkien)

The Tragedy of the Danube Swabians
Stefan Bastius
Never forget: After World War II, some 1.6 million ethnic Germans of Yugoslavia were expelled or consigned to starvation camps at Walpach, Krushiwil, Gakowa, Jarek, Vrdnik, Mitrowitza, Molidorf and Rudolfsgnad, names that should outrank even Auschwitz in infamy.
Published Sept./Oct. 1998- Vol. IV #5


Molidorf Data:
Emigration from the Banat: Dave Dreyer - San Mateo, CA
Extraction of Ship Records in the National Archives

Molidorf Index:
Mollydorf Village

Banaters in Austrian Military Records: Dave Dreyer - San Mateo, CA Series Book VI.pdf


Alfred deZayas:

Brian Wright:
Book Review: The Terrible Revenge

Elisabeth Walter:
Barefoot in the Rubble

Elisabeth Schober:
After the Expulsion: Intergenerational Memory and Silence among the "German" Expellees from Apasko polje, Yugoslavia living in Austria
Central European University
Dept. of Nationalism Studies
Online link to After the Expulsion

Ernest Chrisbacher:
The German Immigrants from Veszprem County, Hungary

Frank Schmidt:
The Extermination of a People, A Cover-up Uncovered
"Ethnic Cleaning" The Crime Against Humanity That Goes Unpunished

Famed Cartoonist Concerned About Thought Censors Back in the 19th Century

Hemp: The White Gold of Batschaka

John Bruecker: The Forgotten Genius

Stefan Jäger, Painter of his Banat German Homeland
Christmas in the ‘Old Country’ - Recollections of a Danube Swabian Yuletide

The First Illuminated Christmas Tree in the New World

A Very Moving Encounter in the Jungles of Paraguay

A Posthumous Tribute to Father Wendelin Gruber, SJ

Eulogy for Father Wendelin Gruber, SJ

Entstehung und Werdegang, der St. Michaelsgemeinde in Windsor
(Geschrieben in Deutsch)
The German Language In America
Lest We Forget
Who Will Forget Them?
The Danube Swabians

Ingrid Andor
Bread On My Mother's Table: A Danube Swabian Remembers

Kaitlin Warriner, Associate Editor, The Star, Sun Prairie, WI 53590
Katherine Hoeger Flotz, Yugoslavian Concentration Camp Survivor

Katherine Flotz:
Memories of Gakowa
A Pebble in my Shoe

Hans Kopp:
The Last Generation Forgotten and Left to Die
The History of the Danube Swabians

Henry A. Fischer:
Children of the Danube - website
Remember to tell the Children: Book I: The Pioneers
Remember to tell the children: Book II: Strangers and Sojourners

Herta Müller:

Nadežda Radovic:
Thanks to the Vehemence of the Murderers Their Tracks Have Been Left Behind
(Geschrieben in Deutsch)
Dank der Leidenschaft der Mörder ihre Spuren zu hinterlassen

Raymond Lohne:
A German Treasure at the University of Chicago

Stefan Bastius:

Tomislav Sunic:
The Destruction of Ethnic Germans and German Prisoners of War in Yugoslavia, 1945-1953

(English publications)
A Short Survey of the Relations between the Yugoslavs and Ethnic Germans.
Cultural and Educational Associations and Organizations of the Ethnic-Germans.
German Minority Press and Publishing in the Inter-War Yugoslavia.
Money and land in inter-ethnic relations: the Germans of the Vojvodina between the world wars.
Social Structure of the Ethnic-Germans and their participation in the economic life of the Inter-War Yugoslavia.
The Disappearance of the Germans from Yugoslavia: Expulsion or Emigration?
The Education of the Ethnic-Germans in Yugoslavia in the Inter-War Period.
The Ethnic-Germans in Political Life of Yugoslavia 1918-1941.
The Ethnic-Germans in the Vojvodina During and After WWII.
The Settlement of the Ethnic-Germans in the Territory of Yugoslavia.
(German publications)
Das Verschwinden der Jugoslawien-Deutschen.
Deutschland und Serbien als Zentrum und Peripherie im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert.
Die Donauschwaben in der Vojvodina und der Nationalsozialismus.
Die Konflikte zwischen Serben und Donauschwaben.
Gegenseitige Kultureinflüsse zwischen Serben und Donauschwaben in der Vojvodina.
"Mensch ist unser größtes Reichtum" (eine der meistzitierte Sprüche Titos) Wiedergutmachung an Jugoslawien.
Zeitweise getrübte Beziehungen durch die Jahrhunderte.
(Serbian publications)
Da li je bilo genocida nad podunavskim Švabama u Jugoslaviji?
Duhovni profil vojvođanskih Švaba.
Madjari, Rumuni i Srbi u glavnim delima Adama Muellera-Guttenbrunna.
O državljanstvu jugoslovenskih Nemaca.
O širenju zemljoposeda vojvođanskih Švaba između dva svetska rata.
Pitanje odštete žrtvama nacizma u jugoslovensko-nemačkim odnosima posle Drugog svetskog rata.
Srbi i Nemci u Vojvodini: negativna iskustva zajedničkog života.

Zoran Ziletic:
(German publication)
Die Deutschen in der Vojvodina




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Burden of Crime: On a Journey to Molidorf
Gordana Perunovic Fijat

Astrid Julian - Irene's Song
Irene's Song (Fiction) on

Alfred deZayas

Estimates of number of deaths in connection with expulsion of Germans after WWII
Organised persecution of ethnic Germans

Expulsions of the Germans from Romania:
Expulsion of Germans from Romania after World War II

The Expulsion of the 'German' Communities from Eastern Europe at the End of the Second World War:
Editors: Steffen Prauser and Arfon Rees
European University Institute, Florence
Department of History and Civilisation


Arbeitskreis Donauschwäbischer Familien Forscher


Banat - Ein Beitrag zur Landeskunde und Familienforschung der Banater Schwaben:

Dave Dreyer Databases:
David Dreyer's Extraction of Emigration from the Banat Region

David Dreyer: Banaters in Austrian Military Records Family History Series Book VI.pdf

David Dreyer: Summary of some North Dakota Banaters in US Customs & Immigration
Passenger Ship Records:

Donauschwaben Heritage Society:

Banat Mailing List:

DVHH.Org: Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands

Ellis island Ship Passengers:

Federation of East European Family History Societies

Banat Miling List - Steve Herold:

Flacker Pages:

Verein für Computergenealogie:


GenealogyRO Group:


Pete Schmidt:
German-Hungarian Family Calenders - Deutsch-Ungarischer Familien Kalender

Radix Genealogy Research in Hungary:
Janos Bogardi


Village Index:



HISTORY of German Settlements In Southern Hungary
Sue Clarkson

Hans Kopp:

Hans Kopp:
The Chronicle of German Nation
"Germanic Cultures" and their influences in the development of Europe

Hans Kopp:
The Chronicle of the Ungarländische-Deutschen (Danube Swabians) in Hungary (Romania and Yugoslavia) and the German-Americans in the USAändische-deutschen.htm

Hans Kopp:
The Chronicle of the Danube Swabians of North America

Historical Text Archive:

History of the German Settlement in Eastern Europe:
History of German settlement in Eastern Europe

History: Electronic Banat

History of the Vojvodina:

Assasination in Sarajevo:

Hungarian Soviet Republic:

World War I:

Aftermath of WW I:

Hans Kopp: The post war years of World War I

World War II:

Aftermath of WW II:

Creation of Yugslavia:

History of Austria:

History of Hungary:

History of Yugoslavia:





Adam Müller-Guttenbrunn:
German: Kultur 19.Jhd Teil 5/image20.html

Count Claudius Florimund deMercy:

Dr. Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis: Saviour of Mothers

Prince François-Eugène of Savoy-Carignan:

Stefan Jäger:


Alexander, Crown Prince of Yugoslavia:

Alexander Karađorđević Karageorgevich:

Aleksander Ranković:ć

Ante Pavelić:ć

Arthur Martin Phleps:

Béla Kun aka Béla Kohn:éla_Kun

Blessed Charles I of Austria-Hungary:

Blessed Aloysius Viktor Cardinal Stepinac:

Charles V Duke of Lorraine:

Charles VI Holy Roman Emperor:

Draža (Dragoljub) Mihailović:ža_Mihailović

Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary:

Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria:

Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria:

Ferenc Deák:ák

Franz Ferdinand of Austria:

Franz Josef I of Austria:

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Gravilo Princip:

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